"It should be easy and safe to buy high-end secondhand!"

Salebyory is run by Christian Ory Nielsen

My interest in high-end started in the middle of 2017 during my after-school stay, where, after a few years of privately selling my own clothes, I chose to found Salebyory. Salebyory was founded in January 2021 and has since grown into the company it is today.

During my journey, I have experienced that a lot of people are cheated both with copy goods, goods that were never sent, fake sales profiles, etc.

I think that's a great shame, as secondhand is a really good solution to many of the problems you can have when shopping for exclusive clothes. So I would like to correct that!

Our values

Recycling and sharp prices

Recycling products primarily means that the lifespan of the product is extended and in this way you replace the new clothes that you would have bought instead, which leads to less production and pollution. It is estimated that the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and accounts for over 10% of the world's total CO2 emissions!

It is therefore a super good solution to the problem of recycling the products, especially when they contain animal parts such as down and fur!

Another very big advantage of buying secondhand is that it can be bought at incredibly sharp prices compared to the new price. Many of our products are sold with a 50%-90% discount. At the same time, you have the opportunity to buy unique and rare models that are no longer produced, which can spice up your outfit and make it more unique!

But not enough with the discount you save by buying secondhand. If you compare many of our products with those of our competitors, we are generally also at a price level 10-30% below theirs! This is because we want to be the cheapest and best dealer when you are out shopping secondhand!